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The History of Crooked Hook RV in Okeechobee, FL

The property on which Crooked Hook RV Resort resides was originally home to the Clewiston Syrup Mill. The syrup mill was built by Mr. Neils Bach. The mill, using mule power to grind the cane, produced pure cane syrup marketed under the brand name Golden Brand Syrup. In order to create the feel of a sugarcane plantation, Mr. Bach and Mr. Ed Watson gathered plants and flora from all over the glades area and the Caribbean and planted them on the property. The syrup mill operated approximately ten years until the price of syrup dropped below the margin of profitability. Mr. Bach sold the property to Ed Watson in 1961 and Ed decided to build a campground.

Determined to build a campground better than those he’d visited himself, Ed began building using fill from the construction of the current U.S. Highway 27. The Sugar Shack (Recreation Hall) and the bathhouse were the first buildings. A double wide trailer served as the office and managers residence. The tent area sat where the pool is currently. The pool and shuffleboard courts were added later. The campground opened sometime in the 1960’s.

To name the campground Ed decided to hold a contest. The contest was advertised in the Clewiston News and sweetened by prizes to be awarded for the winning name. Clewiston Airport manager, Sam Belk who said that from the air the Park looked like a crooked fishing hook, won the contest with the name Crooked Hook Campground. Sam won $75 in free eats from the now defunct Glades Restaurant and $75 in cold hard cash put up by Ed. The name was finally changed to its current name Crooked Hook RV Resort. The lush tropical vegetation planted by Neils Bach and Ed Watson is alive and well in Crooked Hook to this day and can be enjoyed by everyone who visits our park.



Clewiston RV Resort
Clewiston RV Resort


Crooked Hook RV Resort
51700 E US Highway 27 
Clewiston, FL 33440

(863) 983-7112



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